Here’s information on how to sign up for the Capoeira classes at the Estero Rec Center (or you can also go here .)

1) You’ll need to join the Rec Center to participate in classes. You want to try out Capoeira? Congratulations! Your first class is free and you just earned a lifetime membership to Lee County Parks (which is normally $10!) You’ll need to sign up at the Rec Center (Ask for James a little before the class times to join the class.)

2) Once you’re a member, you can sign up in person or online. In the keywords field, type in “capoeira.”

3) The classes are blocked off in 8 class intervals. If you’re in a middle of a block, don’t worry. We’re flexible and want you to make up the classes. Speak with Instructor Corvo about when this can be done.

4) Don’t forget to badge in when you come to the class!